We deliver financial strategy and solutions

financial advisers and consultants

Financial advisory

We are a trusted financial advisor to many clients including sovereign entities like the government and multilateral. We offer innovative and customized steps on financial issues and other primary aspects of public/private sector operations.

Shareholder Advisory

Important questions sometimes involve how to select a shareholder when a company is raising capital. How does a company with funding needs identify the appropriate shareholder, without compromising its mission or values? We help our client through a sometimes challenging process of working with potential shareholders by taking into account sensitivities such as gender issues, environmental goals, diversity, and financial sustainability alignments.

Funding Strategy

We are with our clients all the way starting from bootstrapping stage (pre-seed) to series A, B, C, and beyond. We assist clients through the process of expansion and improving working capital. Based on the client’s funding needs, we help define a plan and a structure that will end with obtaining the desired financing. Through our experience, we help our client think through the type of investor or the finance jurisdiction that will be adequate at a particular growth stage.

Mergers & Acquisition & Diverstiture

We believe mergers and acquisitions should be about more than just numbers. while financial data is important, we skillfully blend industry-comparable benchmarks specific to the merging organizations to create a successful union. We also add value by preparing integration, developing screening strategies, accessing strategic fit and synergies for each target, and helping our clients negotiate based on value drivers while enabling them to focus on business as usual during the process.

How we do it

A comparison of your organization’s metrics to others in the market will reveal differences. But we don’t stop there. It’s crucial to understand why the metrics differ. Consequently, our approach to benchmarking is to drill down into the details to understand the whys, so we can provide practical solutions.

Strategic consulting

We support and advise our clients on strategic decisions that positively respond to market dynamics and changes, sustain growth and add value to their financial existence.

Organizational Strategy

We work with industry leaders to ready businesses for the future through new approaches, organizational models, and tools that put the power of transformation in the hands of the leaders. We create dynamic long-term roadmaps to help clients organize for simplification, efficiency, and agility.

Business Model Development & Transformation

The business model is at the heart of a business’s identity and success. We take the business model definition seriously and believe it’s a prerequisite for a fundraising project. With a business’s transformation and evolution, there might be a need to redefine the business model as it may no longer fit in a dynamic ecosystem or with a new generation of clientele. Sarenga is present at every stage and is proactive to make suggestions to our client, even before the change is critical.

Key Metric Benchmarking

Our industry-leading analysis helps clients measure the performance of their organization or projects against market standards and practices. We uncover the drivers of performance to get a full picture and identify opportunities before creating strategic plans to improve performance.

Corporate Strategy

For corporations with the resources and skills to advance their journey, yet would benefit from external intelligence and expertise to inform their strategies – we design unique frameworks to gain a competitive advantage over market participants or peers without compromising their mission and values.

We are with our clients at every stage of the investment process.

Your journey is our journey. We are together with our clients, from the idea stage through the growth stage. Our presence at each stage of development helps clients from the private and public sectors to raise capital for multiple projects.